What is Your Body Telling You?

Everything that is alive pulsates with energy and all of this energy contains information.  Each of us has seven energy centers, called Chakras.   And every experience we have has it’s own energy.

You can see, from the image above, the essential element that each chakra represents.  Here is a little more detail about each chakra.

Root Chakra: It is situated at the base of the spine-at the end of your tailbone and is connected to your family of origin, your tribe and hence, your tribal power/identity. It is the foundation of emotional and mental health.  When your root chakra is functioning well, you are grounded and connected solidly with your “group” and the earth.

Sacral Chakra: Lower abdomen to navel area; Connected to issues around blame and guilt, money and sex, power and control; is related to our need for relationships with other people and the need for us to have some control over our life dynamics.

Naval Chakra: (Also called the “Solar Plexus”) This is the seat of self esteem, self -confidence, personal power,  trust of ourself and others and personal honor.

Heart Chakra: The seat of love and compassion for self and others; grief/anger, self-centeredness, forgiveness and lonliness.

Throat Chakra: Your ‘voice’ and self -expression; choice and strength of will, addiction and judgement/criticism. It is connected to the idea that personal power lies in our attitudes and thoughts; will power and and the ability to let go and let God.

Third Eye Chakra:: Located in the center of the forehead; self-evaluation; feelings of inadequacy and ability to learn from experiences- learning the lessons/wisdom in our life experiences.

Crown Chakra: Located at the top of our head; faith and inspiration, spirituality and devotion; ablity to trust life; intuition and communication with Spirit.

Our bodies are constantly delivering messages to us about what is going on in our lives.  You might say that the body signals that we get, such as tightness in the chest, lower back discomfort, headaches, sore throat, clogged head, sinus pressure, foot pain, and the like, serve as metaphors for what we are not paying attention to, consciously.

For example, foot pain might be a metaphor for you having difficulty taking the steps you need to take in your life  or  that it is hard “walking on the path” that you are walking, because it isn’t your “true” path.

A sore throat can signal that you are not speaking up as you need to about something in your life and that whatever it is that you are actively avoiding expressing from your truth, is painful.  The degree of soreness in the throat is directly proportionate to the degree of emotional challenge you have with the information that you are not expressing.  Additionally, sore throats can be compounded by “losing your voice”. This is a HUGE metaphorical expression of what is emotionally going on in your life.   It takes  the form of a “literal and physical” energy block that prevents you from self expression.   Some people will take anti-biotics to quell and eliminate the symtoms. However, those of you who experience recurrent sore throats….. take heed of the awareness that I am offering you.

Another example is heart trouble. The body may have a heart attack, a hole in the heart, or some other heart ailment. These signals, while serious and real physical challenges, metaphorically represent love and compassion issues that are being neglected in yourself, of yourself to others, or the love that you didn’t get from someone when you needed it in the past. It is a signal to you that you must start to take notice of what is going on in your life that needs more love and compassion.  I find that people who have such severe physical occurrences will often make significant life changes to improve their quality of life, so that they can love themselves and others in ways that they had never done before, prior to the heart symptom. Usually, those who survive heart challenges tend to have a “renewed and changed” perspective on life.  Gratitude and appreciation tend to follow more easily.

Below, are five steps that you can take to uncover the bodys’ messages to you.  Let’s use pain in the lower back as an example. Given the metaphorical nature of body messaging, you can decode  the pain in several ways and ultimately resolve the issue.

First: Even though you are in physical pain, pracatice acknowledging the pain without judgment. (That means not cursing at it and calling it names that you wouldn’t want your mama to hear!)  Rather, say to it,”Yes, I know you are there, pain, living in my lower back. I acknowledge you.”

Second: Notice “where” it is.  Yes, I know.  I have already said that it is in your lower back, but if you really take notice, it is causing pain where you buttox is.  So, in essence, your body is saying  to you: ” Something is a pain in my butt.”

Third: Ask the pain what it is trying to tell you.  “Body, what do I need to know about this pain you are showing me?” And then take the time to really listen to the answer, while reflecting on what is going on in your life.  What is annoying you?  What is an inconveniencing you?  What is frustrating you?  etc. People with neck pain are experiencing the same thing.  SOMETHING is a “pain in your neck”, an inconvenience and a bother.  So, what is THAT THING that needs to be taken care of so that it is no longer a negative for you in your life?

: Once you get the message about the pain in your life, give thanks to the pain. (Yes, I know this sounds rediculous, but it is necessary to thank the messages you get about your life, regardless of how they show up.)  You can say, “Thank you for letting me know that I must attend to what I have been ignoring.”

Fifth: Get rid of it.  I know that some of you are saying that getting rid of this pain that I have had for so long is easier said than done.  But I am telling you that it is possible.  Ideally, when you take care of what you need to take care, the pain should be relieved and even go away.  However, some discomort is more about what is going on in your thinking, rather than what is going on in your external life. When you experience discomfort and know what is it about; fear, anxiety, anger or sadness, you can talk to the pain and get rid of the energy of the pain.  Saying repeatedly: ” Everywhere that I feel X, I uncreate it and delete it.” You will probably need to repeat this phrase ALOT and several times during the day or week to break the energy up and let it go.

Recently, I experienced a great deal of pressure in my chest.  I had a hard time breathing and I began to have somewhat of a panic reaction when my chest became tight.  Having thought about what was going on in my life, I KNEW that there was some negative energy coming from my thoughts that I needed to clear.  It was fear based pain and it was getting my attention in a big way!

 I literally talked to the pain and, with repitition of this phrase, “Everything that is creating this pain…. I transmute it into love”, the pain began to become less and less until it finally went away.  I had to repeat the phrase ALOT, but it really worked. I do feel better!

Instead of being in pain and seeing it as just another physical symptom to ignore, I treated my chest pressure as if it mattered.  And, because of that, I allowed myself the chance to care for myself and tend to what needed to be tended to.

I hope this helps you understand what your body is trying to tell you and how you can alleviate unwanted discomfort in your life.

In love and light,



Recommended reading: Anotomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss.

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