Release Your Pain. Reclaim Your Life.

Liberating yourself from pain is essential.  Carrying around your pain, is not.

Unfortunately, too many of us hold onto anger, pain, resentment, grief/loss, and betrayal as a protective measure against future pain.   You get used to holding onto emotions that served you in the past, but don’t necessarily serve you now.  You might continue to stay on “high alert” but are not in imminent danger.  You just can’t relax.

No one wants to experience pain.  But pain is a part of life.  It can spur emotional, psychological and spiritual growth, movement upward, into an unimagined direction in your life and establish a new and renewed awareness of your strengths and successes.  Pain is a reflection of what we must pay attention to.  Even when it comes to feeling grief over the loss of someone whom you loved dearly;  a lesson in  the death of someone else, is to love and cherish your own life as you live it.

When we use our negative emotions (anger, pain, grief, fear, anxiety) as primary emotional states,  we stay in a “pain state.”  The only space you create in your life from this “pain state” is more pain.  There is no way that  peace, happiness, and serenity can even seep inside.  You prevent all possibility of experiencing the positive aspects of life and you wind up living a life that is emotionally and psychologically unbalanced and simmering in negativity.  You become a prisoner of your emotions and forfeit your emotional freedom.

It’s time to relinquish the right to lug around longstanding pain.  It served its purpose; making you aware that something bad has happened and that you must pay attention to its meaning.  Now it’s time to look at what the message of the pain is and move forward.  It’s time to let go and release your pain and reclaim your life.

This may seem like a mystery to some of you.  You may be asking, “How exactly do I let go of all of this emotional baggage I have carried around for so long? And, once I let go, then what?  How will I ever protect myself against being hurt again like that?”

Trusting yourself to pay attention to red flags and making decisions that are in your best interest, based on those red flags, are two of the best ways you can protect yourself from future pain.  Protecting yourself from pain is in your hands not in anyone elses.

People may try to hurt you, tear you down, or try to make you feel inferior so that they can feel superior; but this can only happen if you allow it.  No one can make you feel any particular way, unless you allow it.  No one.  You are in charge of yourself fully.

The key to healing from pain is how you cope with and react to what life brings you.  When you choose to stay in a place of pain, it means that you are willing to let shame, fear, worry, doubt and uncertainty rule your life.

Until you reach a point where feeling bad every day is unacceptable, you will never get out of the vacuum of negativity you have created for yourself.  You short change yourself if you believe that your life, the way it is now, can not change for the better.  Don’t let shame or fear convince you that you must stay the same to remain safe.   You may be fearful of what must change in your life and therefore resist change, but you must know that change, in any form, is necessary for growth.

Our souls are not meant for mediocrity nor are they meant to be deprived of happiness.   Our souls are meant to expand, grow and rise up to meet Spirit.

I found this to be very helpful for me when I experienced something very difficult several years ago.  I had to lean into the sharpest point of the pain in order for me to move through it and heal.  Each day, when I questioned the purpose of the pain, I knew I needed to own it fully, even if someone else had behavior that contributed to it.

The following affirmation is meant to support healing and liberation from pain.  And, for those of you who are on a journey of letting go of a painful experience in the past, use this affirmation to support your leaning into your most painful point, so that you, too, can throw your emotional baggage away, for good.

Let me also, say, that for those of you who believe that the pain is too much to release on your own,  find a trained person to help you make peace with your part of the pain, so that you can find your freedom.


In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete. 
The past has no power over me because I am willing to learn and to change. 
I see the past as necessary to bring me to where I am today. 
I am willing to begin, where I am right now, to clean the rooms of my mental house.
I know it does not matter where I start, so I begin now, with the smallest and
easiest rooms, and in this way, I will  see results quickly.
I am delighted to be in the middle of this journey, for I know that I will NEVER
go through this particular experience again.

I am willing to set myself free.

I will do my best each day and be proud of my accomplishments.

All is well in my world.

I wish you much strength on your healing journey.  Claim that all is well in your world, and so shall it be.

In love and light,


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