Fortune in the Fall

Watch your step“, the man shouted out as I unknowingly glided into the liquid on the floor, flipped up in the air and wound up flat on my back.  It happened so quickly that I didn’t know what to make of it.  Within a second, I was transported from a place of un-awareness to full awareness.  And, rather than feeling angry, I felt pretty peaceful.  I am still stunned by this overwhelming feeling of openness to the experience.

In the split second before I hit the floor, I pulled my head forward, avoiding a potentially painful connection between my head and the cement foundation.  Yes, I am sore but at least I can use words to describe that.  Unfortunately, words can’t express my gratitude for the pain that I was spared.  Something more dangerous was on the cusp of happening; and something greater than me made sure that it didn’t.

Equally surprising was the kindness of everyone around me.  From the man who yelled out, in warning prior to my fall (and then after, this same man reached for my hands to help me up) to several other onlookers, who continued to ask me what kind of help I needed and if I was alright.  They didn’t leave my side.

I became overwhelmed with the level of love and compassion that complete strangers showed me.  It was real.  It was genuine.  I can not pinpoint another time in my life where I felt such an all -encompassing and overwhelming sense of love from others and the universe.  I felt bouyed by those around me.

It was as if the universe was repeatedly showing me how loved I am, and most especially, when I was in a very vulnerable state.  It was the most fluid experience of caring that has come to pass in my life.  I believe, in part, this was because the love was offered and also, because I accepted it.

How fortunate am I to have experienced such a deep awakening to the kindness of others? Even though the physical experience of the fall was my own, the spiritual experience was far more; it reverberated all around me.

Between the moment that my foot touched the puddle to the time that my body hit the floor, I clearly remember being given the immediate message to pull my head forward.  It was a strong message too!  I felt my head being guided forward.   Apparently, it wasn’t my time to have a concussion, but it was time to get my attention.  Mission accomplished!

As if this warning message from up above was not enough (interceding in the midst of a more devastating injury,)  as a follow-up, I was given “people”; messengers to drive the sense, deep into me, that there were ‘witnesses’ to my experience and that they come with love, caring and compassion. God’s representatives are what I call them.

It is with a humbled heart that I remember this day.  Not because of the residual discomfort that I experience-which I know will go away in time or that any ounce of tragedy struck me, but because of the full heartedness of total strangers who really took care of me and the overflowing sense of gratefulness that I feel as a result.

I did not have the wits about me to get the name of the man who took special care of me on that day, but I will not forget him.  I bless everyone who came to my aid and am grateful and thankful they were sent to me, to make my fall just a little bit softer.

In love and light,


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