5 Secret Steps You Need to Know About

The following 5 steps that I am about to share with you are the centerpieces for manifesting anything that you want in your life and they will change your life forever— the moment that you put them in place consistently. It’s not just me that validates this claim, the universe will fully valiadate it for you too.

These steps are proven to work when followed from your truest and most genuine place.  Remember, what you FEEL about something is exactly what you will get. 

If you focus on feeling as if you need to defend and justify yourself, you will bring about situations that will put you in that position.  If you focus on how others mistreat you, then you will manifest more mistreatment of you by others.  If you regularly focus on how awful it feels to be in such physical pain, then you will invite more physcial pain into your life. The reality that you create for yourself is based on the feelings you have about what is in your life.

If you are anti-war, be more pro-peace.  If you are against one political candidate, then focus solely on the one that you DO support and send your energy there.

There is nothing that is personally unsummoned in our lives.  This is 100% true.  In order for something or someone to appear in your life, you must understand that you have strong FEELINGS about that which you DO and DO NOT WANT.  And, how deeply you  feel about that particular thing pulls it to you.

So, to get what you DO want, REFOCUS how you FEEL and what you THINK.  AND, follow these 5 steps…….

5 Secret Steps to Turning Your Life Around Right Now……

1.  DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT.  Develop a clear vision of what it is that you DO want in your life.  Then, decide that you will have it.  No want is too big or too unattainable.  Having BIG wants is very healthy.  And, if what you want excites you and makes you a little nervous at the same time, then you are onto something!  You have LOTS of feelings about it and because of this wave of emotions connected to this thought of what you want, it will be easier to bring it about. The more emotions you have connected to what you think about, the quicker the universe will respond – and the universe wants to respond quickly.

2. BELIEVE YOU CAN HAVE IT.   Once you believe you deserve what it is that you want and that it is possible for you to have it, then you will.  You may find yourself falling back into the habit of discouraging yourself from having such a wild want, but don’t allow the doubt to slink its way into your mind.  JUST believe that you can have whatever you desire; that you deserve it and have full right to it and you will be on your way.

3. VISUALIZE AND FEEL IT AS IF IT IS ALREADY HERE. Close your eyes and every day, for several minutes a day, vizualize having what you want and really FEEL the feelings of already having it.  You want your ideal car?  Well, take a look at the back of your hands for a few seconds.  Then, close your eyes and visualize your hands wrapped around the driving wheel of your dream car and feel yourself sinking into the leather seats, with the windows down and the fresh air blowing through you hair, the new car smell, the roar or quietness of the engine, the luxuriousness of the interior, the stereo system playing your favorite song and become lost in the feelings of all of this…..Really feel it…..

4. FOCUS ON THAT FOR WHICH YOU ARE ALREADY GRATEFUL.  Come out of this” FEELING state” of being in the car of your dreams, the house of your dreams, the vacation of your dreams and focus on what you already have in your life for which you are grateful and REALLY enjoy the feelings that come with being truly grateful.  Appreciating what you ALREADY have in your life makes room for more of the good stuff!

5. RELEASE IT.  Go on with your day and release it in to the universe and trust that the universe will figure out how to manifest it for you.  Don’t be consumed with HOW it will happen, just TRUST that it will.  The HOW’s will reveal themselves directly or indirectly, through people who present themselves to you (representing what you want)and through ideas and impulses that you suddenly get from Spirit about what you need to do to bring about “the way” to your dream.

From my heart to yours, dream big, feel positively and deeply about that which you DO want and trust that your dreams will come true.

In love and light,



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