Your Last Lecture

If you were giving your last lecture- your best piece of advice for appreciating life- what would it be?

Most of us assume that people, who are facing old age or death, tend to be the ones who reflect on what has happened in their lives.  Not true. Self-reflection is not for those who are aging or dying; it is for all of us to practice regularly, not when we are faced with the end of something or are injured.

Our way of living has changed.  We are now a more eco-friendly, spiritual, and introspective country, despite the evil that persists.  Attention is more easily given to the validity of how the soul and psyche contribute to the quality of our lives; allowing us to answer the opening question in greater depth and with a wider heart lens.

Perhaps over the years, you see what you didn’t accomplish, feel regret and disappointment for not taking the chance to engage in your passion, when you could have found a way to do so at some point in your life. Maybe you shaped your choices based on the fear of change and the need for certainty, and you, now, recognize that the power that you relinquished to your fear prevented you from experiencing a level of happiness that could have transformed your life.

Are you someone who lived your dream life?  If so, how do you know it? What qualifies as a dream life?  Did you acquire lots of things and make lots of money, reserving much of your day for work, neglecting your mate and your children; missing out on joy and appreciation for what already exists or did you live your life in the arms of something greater than you with standards that modeled goodness, strength, honesty, love, selflessness, compassion, and honor?

Maybe you are someone who made the conscious choice to give to others as a way of life, and as you take a look in the rear view mirror of life, you feel love, pride, and completeness, because you gave WAY MORE than you took.

Did some life experience transform you?  Did you lose someone you loved? Did you have a relationship that was so miserable or a love so profound that who you became was someone unimaginable before that time?  Did you face your fears, forgive yourself for your mistakes and work consciously on cultivating a deep sense of compassion and love for yourself and others, simply because it was the next soul step to take?

Here is my last lecture. “Do everything you can to live in your truth, to live with dignity, honor, humility, and with compassion. Be grateful for what you have every day and thank God out loud for all of it. Thank the messengers who cause you pain, because you were meant to become a better and changed person because of the struggle. Work with every ounce of your soul to truly forgive yourself for holding onto pain, shame and anger and then let it go; trusting that the release will create an abundant space for happiness. Do something kind for someone each day; you will feel the love you need when your emotional tank is on empty. Appreciate your parents in their entirety, accepting their flaws and recognize that they are also people who make mistakes. Adopt a pet, read books that teach you something new, and instead of living outside the box, eliminate the box completely. Face your fears head on and then step into joy. Stand up for yourself, even when you don’t know how; you won’t feel victimized after. And lastly, be the person you dream of being, for only you can make that happen; and regardless of circumstance or obstacles, live with the knowledge that obstacles are merely tests of strength and character.”

Now, how will you answer the question?

In love and light,




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