You can look… and you will FIND it. 

You can not look… and you WILL find it. 

That which is yours will surely come to you.”

(Daniel Levin)

What is this thing called destiny?  Do you believe that your life has a specific direction and purpose? Do you believe that regardless of how you choose to live your life, that there are forces beyond you that collude, communicate, and contribute to your life without your consent?

“A tapestry of events that culminate into a life plan”….”A pre-determined course of events often held to be an irresistible power”… is this even true?

You might inherently believe that you have a divine path that guides you  to fulfill your purpose in life; relying on your soul to expand and resolve its lessons.  You might be someone who says that while there is “something bigger out there” that contributes to what happens in my life, my free will determines my life path; I choose what happens to me.  And, then there are those of you who reject the idea of destiny all together; actively throwing out the idea that what you are meant to know, experience, teach, learn and understand, isn’t part of anything divine at all, and that neither an outside force or our free will makes a difference in the what happens in our lives.

Look at your life.  No.  REALLY look at your life.  Think about the times that you have intended on experiencing something one way and it turned out to be something different all together.  Think about the times that you couldn’t explain why you met who you met, what happened that you experienced something good or bad, or couldn’t help yourself from stopping in your tracks in disbelief , as you reflected on a thought, feeling or event that occurred, unable to rationalize  it away with reasoning but that you had an “a-ha” moment that you never counted on.

Free will DOES factor into how you live your life.  We all have the ability to choose for ourselves.

You might be someone who believes that following the path means that you are divinely and intuitively driven to call forth experiences that are meant to influence your human and spiritual growth, and that it is your soul calling out to receive and to give what is meant for you.

 You might be someone who believes that YOU can control everything that happens in your life and when bad things happen, there is a disconnect between you and the negative event and when good things happen, it is because you are solely responsible.

You were not put on this earth to simply exist.  What would be the purpose in that? You would just take up space.  No matter how lost you feel or how undirected you believe you are,  you are meant to be your ultimate self; to  live in your GREATNESS. 

Truth is, we are asked to equally contribute to our lives and should we choose otherwise, our lives will be re-directed and re-directed until we get on board with who we are meant to do, be and have.

You can hold out and push away your destiny, denying that you have one or you can embrace what is rightfully yours, opening yourself up to whatever it is that is meant for you.

It’s your choice.

In love and light,


One response

  1. Destiny? Yes, I do believe there is something out there greater than us all that causes things or events to happen in our lives. Free will relates to personal accountability, we all have choices & sometimes we make poor choices but at least it was our choice at the time, we live & we learn hopefully & that makes us a better person in the long run. Living in the past & thinking negatively only brings us down, being the best that you can be today is the only way to go, because tomorrow is not promised to anyone!

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