Fantasizing: What a fool believes…. he sees

You remember that song by the Doobie Brothers right?  It talks about this man who believes something about a relationship that really isn’t going to happen.  But, nonetheless, he believes it and therefore, imagines himself in it. Is he really a fool for holding onto his fantasies or would you consider him something else?  Don’t we all do that, at some point or another- cling to fantasies that we think won’t come true- but we do it anyway because, in those magical moments of fantasy,  aren’t we happier?

Think about how many of us close our eyes and imagine winning the lottery.  I can tell you that I have imagined that more often than I can count (and I have also laid out my plan of how I would spend it too!)  I’m REAL clear about THAT fantasy.  But, what’s wrong with that?  Really?  If I get a little rush out of imagining that kind of wealth, am I really a fool?  Or, if I allow myself to envision anything else happening in my life that seems too far for my outstretched arm to reach, is that bad or wrong?

Fantasizing is healthy.  In fact, the most successful and happiest people in the world allow their minds to imagine to be possible the things that others see as impossible. The rich see themselves getting richer and happier people see themselves being happier; just by what they choose to see.

There are times when fantasizing works against you; when what you believe is destructive, fosters denial of reality so that it interferes with your functioning or has the potential for causing harm to someone.   If you fantasize in this way, you might want to use photo shop and touch up your vision!

It’s important to fantasize for several reasons:

1.  You get what you want immediately. When we fantasize, we can immediately imagine what it feels like to live in our wildest dreams.  We can use all of our senses to live in our mind’s vision and can take as long as we want to own all of the details.  There is no line that we have to wait in to buy a ticket to our fantasy, it’s already ours…. and we don’t have to pay a dime to see it.  It just appears!

2. One step closer.  Fantasizing allows you to have a closer connection to your wishes.  If you can “feelingize” your fantasies, meaning really be able to immerse your whole self- including all of your senses- into this vision, you call it closer to your reality.  How many of you have heard famous people say that they could literally see themselves acting, singing, or dancing on stage or in film or being the CEO and owner of an incredibly profitable business and then see it come to pass?  These people allowed themselves to dream big; without boundaries and without resistance.  And when you dream like that, there is little that you can’t bring to life.

3. You change.  Yes, that’s what I said.  You change.  When you choose to fantasize about the life you want or the dream relationships you want, or the dream career you want- and you immerse yourself in this vision, with all of its details and with all of your senses, you change how your body functions and  you alter the energy level in your body.  You actually raise your vibration closer to peace and happiness.

In the movie The Secret, a woman, diagnosed with breast cancer, reversed her diagnosis totally, by immersing herself in laughter, happy movies, and the daily ritual of visualizing her body as being totally healthy and free from cancer.  Her doctors were stunned when she returned for a follow-up visit three months later; the cancer was gone.  She avoided a mastectomy and chemo and saved her life through her positive thoughts, beliefs, feelings and her vision of herself as a fully healthy person.

Go see the movie to experience the full message of The Secret.  It will be worth the 90 minutes you spend watching.

So, no.  Fantasizing doesn’t make us fools.  For a moment, we might feel silly; but foolish?  Nah.

Homework: If you are someone who fantasizes about having something in your life that has yet to come to pass and you know that you can see yourself having that “thing”- whether it is a material object or something intangible such as happiness and joy, then take time every day to practice this:

Step One: Give yourself 10 minutes each day for at least 30 days.  Find a quiet spot where you know you won’t be disturbed.  Cut your phone off, don’t look at texts or e-mails and say to the universe: ” I am breathing undisturbed.”… and then close your eyes and take notice of your breathing.

Step Two: Once you have a solid and easy breathing pattern, start opening your mind up to the dream you have; imagining all of the details and sensing everything about it- really feeling everything.  Then, see yourself literally in your dream enjoying your fantasy to the farest reaches of your mind, using the idea in every way you imagine it being in your life.

Step Three:  Once you have reached the full capacity of your fantasy state, say to yourself:” I am living my dream life… and so it is.”  When you are ready to open your eyes, do so.

As the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, sings…..

In love and light,


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