Never Be Afraid of The Truth Because It Will Never Hurt You.

Truth is your best friend.  It is said that “the truth hurts,” but the only thing the truth hurts is illusions.  The truth is the dispeller of deception; bring any situation into the light, and you can rest assured that there is good within it.

Once you align yourself with this idea, you will never again be afraid to hear truth, see truth, know truth or live in truth. In fact, when you are in alignment with truth, you are at peace, regardless of what surfaces; for truth sets you free.

Truth, if accepted for what it is, a messenger of higher knowing, doesn’t feel threatening, intimidating, or anxiety provoking.  When you are open to truth, (this includes hearing, seeing, knowing, and feeling truth), you aren’t attached to the outcome, you simply accept it for what it is, while acknowledging all the feelings and thoughts that accompany this truth.

If you detach yourself from an outcome, you build a confidence in yourself that you can handle whatever comes your way. You no longer permit yourself to live in fear.

Many of you spend most of your days fearing what might happen, to whom it might happen and how it might happen.  How many of you honestly realize that you have little to no control over what happens around you, only what happens within you?

It is most important to realize that the very thing you fear to uncover, is the very thing you must uncover to live your best life.

If the drapes are drawn, covering the windows, shutting out any light, you can neither see in nor out. All you are left with is what you do while you are in the dark.  You can wait for someone to discover you, as you remain in darkness and hope that they are the ones who can bring light into your life, or you can reach out and open the drapes yourself, giving yourself permission to see what is there to be seen.

If you spend your time hiding from the truth, resisting the truth, or running away from living in your truth, your evolution, as a human a spiritual being is stunted.

When truth presents itself, in the form of heartbreak, the loss of a loved one, physical illness, a missed opportunity, rejection, or any other painful way that life is experienced, our desire is to avoid it, shorten its life span, and eliminate it all together.  It’s human nature to want to avoid pain.

But truth doesn’t always take the form of something bad.  Truth exists in the birth of a newborn,  in the smile from a stranger or someone you love; in gratitude, in prayer, in laughter, in kindness, in compassion, in generosity, in forgiveness, and in the sweetest parts of life, like loving and being loved.

Some people view changes in life as curses rather than gifts.  Alan Cohen says that, “the letters in the word curses are the same as those that comprise the word cures; we can take what seems to curse us, and through looking at it from a different perspective, transform it into something that cures.”

Life is about how you perceive what happens to you in your life and what you do, based on that perception.

When changes occur in your life, understand that you aren’t being punished.  Rather, you are being directed and summoned to step up and into the next portion of your life.  You are being given an invitation to rise up and step into the unknown, whether you asked for it or not.

And, yes, I know the unknown can be a very scary place, especially if you feel that you aren’t equipped to handle what might be on the other side of the unknown.  Remember, though, that your free will dictates whether or not you accept the divine invitation.

And, should you accept, you are one step closer to living life in the image in which you were created.

It is said that when you sincerely declare to the universe that which you want, the universe automatically re-arranges itself to manifest what you desire.  You can declare to the universe that you live a life of suffering and, per your request, you will only experience more suffering.

You can declare that you live in faith, believe in goodness, and live with a knowing that what awaits you, in the unknown, is far better than of that which you could have ever dreamed, and your life will mirror only this way of thinking.

Living under the thumb of fear is not your destiny; your destiny is to walk tall with dignity, truth, honor, and in the space of love.  It is not to avoid what might potentially cause you pain or worry.  It is not your destiny to accept suffering as a way of life; for you have what it takes to change your circumstances, even when you feel that all odds are stacked against you.

Your destiny is to be your greatest self, and being that, sometimes means that you experience pain, that you learn to lean into the sharpest edges of pain, learn from it and expand who you are as you move forward.

It may seem easier to avoid seeing the truth rather than to have to adjust to seeing something that we had not planned on seeing.  Pain is a teacher.  Pleasure is a teacher.  And, the truth within the teaching is the messenger of the lesson.

Tell me, then, of what truth are you now afraid to uncover?

In love and light,

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    • Lisa,
      Thank you so much for following my blog and for such sweet compliments! I so value your feedback and appreciate you sharing it on your page! I am most definately going to check out your blog my dear! Have a great weekend! Janis

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