Your Tipping Point: It’s Time To Make a Change

It is inevitable that you will be urgently pushed into making key decisions that will completely change your life.  Three factors; circumstance,  personal history, and your emotional tipping point lead you to your fork in the road.  None of us can escape these crucial moments of decision-making; where we must choose to live life differently or extend our suffering.

Tipping points aren’t predictable but they most definately are recognizable.  Tipping points test your will power regarding how long you will remain in a particular “state of mind” as well as your dedication to the quality of life in which you are living.

A tipping point is when you experience something so profound  that it changes not only who you are, but who you need to be to get out of the negative state in which you live.

Profound experiences can take any form from being homeless and poor, to being in a job that sucks the life out of you, or being in an abusive or unsatisfying relationship.

Tipping points come as a result of your decision to ignore an inner message that has surfaced over and over again.  Finally, you are blessed with a pain so profound, that you can no longer stand it.  It is at this point that you believe that you have no other choice but to commit to doing things differently.

You can also think of a tipping point as a “rock bottom.”  There is a saying; “when people reach their rock bottom, the only way out is up.”  And that is what a tipping point is.  It is your way out and it always comes with benefits; self-respect, certainty, dignity, and a sense of significance.

Henry David Thoreau said, “I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to alleviate his life by a conscious endeavor.”

You see, reaching a tipping point is one of the best things that can happen to you.  Most of us go along about our day relying on routine and structure.  We can relax into it.  It’s normal to do this and it prevents us from living in a heightened state of awareness in every moment.

Imagine that you are playing baseball and the pitcher pitches a curve ball that hits you smack in your forehead, instead of heading towards the area of space that your bat occupies.  You feel the hit, your brain connects the with the nerves in your body and sends you signals that you are in major pain.  The hit might render you unconscious for a while.  And, when you “come to”, you review what happened so that you don’t experience that again.   You will strategize and identify what you need to do differently to keep yourself from experiencing that kind of pain.

Life is the same way.  Just as the baseball player reaches a fork in the road about next steps, so do you.  You are forced to take stock in how the degree of pain effects your life.

And, if the pain becomes intolerable, the sense of urgency to change emerges and you do something radically different.

If you are in a relationship that is abusive and you realize that being in the state of fear and despair is your normal way of life, you might take notice of it and believe that you have no options.  But then, one night, while in the heat of an abusive experience, where you are hit one time too many you tell yourself that you’ve had enough.

This is your tipping point.  You have reached your threshold and you know that the only way to end this cycle of abuse it to decide to radically change your life and get out of the situation.

From this point of view, life can never be what it was and you can’t ever be who you were; before this radical awareness.

You might be someone who grew up in a poor part of town, with less than no financial advantages.  You notice that most of the people in your neighborhood will never get out.  As a young person, you go hungry, have holes in your clothes and shoes and have to fight to survive.  You realize that, in essence, you are on your own.

But there is a hunger inside you that comes alive one day.  And, that particular day you claim to the universe and to yourself, that you will do whatever it takes to make something of yourself.  You are driven, focused, and committed to living a life that is prosperous, respectable and brings you self-respect.

You are urged by your inner warrior to commit to change; RIGHT HERE.  RIGHT NOW.

There is something incredible that happens when you are effected so profoundly by life.  Somehow, life becomes crystal clear and so does your view of how you have lived it.

When you come face to face with your tipping point and you realize there is no other way but to change how you treat yourself, there is no stronger sense of self than that.

You stand firm.  You think with courage and fearlessness.  You consider options that you might never have considered, prior to this epic moment in your life.

If you are lucky enough, you will reach your tipping point one time in your life and if you are courageous enough, you will do something amazing with the opportunity to change your life for the better.

If you are faithful enough, you will reach numerous tipping point milestones and you will know that your partnership  with your divine plan is of the highest regard.

You might be afraid of change, but I can promise you this, the actual change isn’t half as scary as what you anticipate in your mind about making the change.  The fear of change really resides in our idea of it.  If we know that the act of change is really minor, compared to how we think and feel about it, then it goes to say that if we see change as doable, then it gets done!

I can tell you that in my life, I reached a major tipping point several years ago.  And, it changed my entire life.  My hindsight was even better than 20/20 and my commitment to myself became the strongest it has ever been.

I am a better person for having that experience; for reaching my tipping point.

What will it take for you to reach yours?

In love and light,

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