Didn’t Expect That Didja?

Furiously she was shaking her hands and screaming at me through her windshield.  I looked back in my rear view mirror and saw the rage.  Amazing!

She was ready to get out of her car and give me a piece of her mind.  She was honking, shaking her head and telling her passenger how ridiculous I was for waiting for this parking space, when she was on the clock.  So, guess what I did?

In a split second I decided to thank her for her patience.  As I was parking my car, I said to myself, “I am going to totally throw her off her tirade and be soooooo kind to her, that she will stop in her tracks.”

As we both got out of our cars, I smiled and thanked her for her patience, knowing fully well that she was showing the opposite to me.

She couldn’t believe that I was thanking her.   In fact, her jaw dropped open.

It was a moment that I haven’t forgotten.

It was a moment that could have turned into something nasty, but didn’t.

I didn’t want to be angry or feed into her frenzy.

And, I wanted her to really take note, on her own, of how extreme her reaction was to something that wasn’t terribly significant, when you really think about it.

And it worked like a charm.

Her response back to me was in a kind tone and with friendly words.

All negativity was gone.


Lesson of the day: When you are confronted with animosity, regardless of its shape or ferocity, know that you have a choice, in THAT moment, to be kind and defuse the situation or to collude and feed into someone else’s challenges.

Try it.  The next time someone has a nasty attitude at their job, or in traffic, or doesn’t seem too happy, thank them for being or doing something….. FIND SOMETHING  that you can appreciate them for ,such as working hard at their job, for helping you, for letting you in front of them in traffic, for ANYTHING!

Everyone loves praise and to give it to someone who is in a bad mood makes it even more valuable.

You may be the only one who recognizes their worth that day.

In a tense situation, do the opposite of what that person’s negativity is showing you.

All it takes is a moment to be kind and compassionate.

You’ll be amazed at how positively it impacts that person and yourself!

In love and light,

One response

  1. Thank you Janis for reminding me that when somebody is upset and venting in my direction that they are actually upset with something or somebody in their lives… sometimes that is a challenge to remember! Loved your post!

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