Just Around the Corner

It happens when you least expect it; a life experience that changes you forever.

There is no way to predict when something monumental will come about.

All you can do is expect the unexpected and then allow yourself to embrace it, regardless of its shape or size.

Your growth, as a spiritual human being, hinges on the attention you pay to each of your days and how you use what you experience to better your life.

Think of  a time when you were surprised in your life, either positively or negatively.

What were your initial thoughts?

What questions did you ask?

Did you say, in a panic, “I can’t believe this is happening?”   “What do I do now?”

Or, did you say with appreciation, “Finally!  It’s my time and I deserve this?”

You know, very well, that when something happens to you in your life,It’s how you respond to it that matters.

Whether it is a flat tire that makes you late to a meeting, an interference that ultimately spares you from being hit by a car that would run the intersection that you would have crossed at that time, or if it is something that you had dreamed about experiencing in your life that finally came to fruition; every experience serves a purpose.

Are you someone who complains when there is an inconvenience to you day’s agenda or do you immediately reflect on the ‘pause in your plan’ and wonder what good can come out of it?

Get in the habit of questioning the purpose of the little things that occur in your life just as you reflect on the larger ones.

Internal reflection is a powerful tool and practiced daily, you will find the secret gems inside typically dismissed events.

Welcome what is around the corner for you.

Invite it.

Savor it.

Then, take a moment to listen for the message within the experience.

If you take the time to quiet yourself and ask yourself, “For what reason has this occurred?”, you will get your answer.

Be grateful for what is just around the corner.

It could be the most wonderful, joyful, and fantastic part of your day, leaving its mark on the rest of your life either for having changed who you are or you having changed someone else’s life as a result.

Looking back on your life, reflecting on the larger and smaller pieces of your days, what has shown up around YOUR corner?

Always remember, that even when you perceive something as negative, painful, intrusive, or harmful, there is always goodness that comes out of it, usually, something bigger and better than you ever imagined.

Don’t spend your time intentionally looking around the corner with suspicion and worry.

Just wait and see what shows up.

Welcome whatever comes your way.

Then, hop on and go for the ride.

In love and light,


One response

  1. This happened to me recently. Nothing devastating, but enough to make me reevaluate my life and pursue my happiness. Faith in the fact that the universe will provide is magical.

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