The Lesson

It’s part of life, this lesson learning thing we have to do to grow. The way we learn isn’t always wrapped up in a beautiful bow, but it sure does come wrapped up, doesn’t it?  Almost disguised, it seems.

Everyone has their own soul lessons to learn.

For some, it is to learn to have love and compassion for yourself and others, because you have been too harsh.  For others it is to learn humility because you have been arrogant, boastful or indignant.

Maybe you might need to learn to have healthier personal boundaries and hold yourself to a higher standard and regard, like a king or a queen, because, in the past, you have done the exact opposite.

My lesson has been to go with the flow and to be gentler with myself.

I can genuinely show the greatest amount of compassion, love and patience with others, but have not perfected that within me, for me.

It is a work in progress and I am making great headway.

Having made the decision to just let go and go with the flow has truly changed my life; in ways that I had not imagined.

Going with the flow means that even though you may have an agenda, your agenda is flexible and that you follow your hunches, intuitive guidance and believe that you are fully supported by the universe.

What a whopper of a lesson!

I finally sleep better.  In the past, when I would go to bed, my heart would begin to pulsate heavily with anxiety about the pressures I had put on myself to do, be or have certain things.

I have stepped into a light, bright, and easy way of being.  I no longer wake up wishing my life were different.  I accept who I am and the conditions in my life, with love instead of contempt.

It’s not that I have resigned myself into complacency, nor have I accepted that the way I envision my life has come and gone.

Trust me, I still dream and work towards what I want for myself and my life.

I just have practiced embracing every day with a sense peace and when I do that, the sense of peace washes over me immediately, when I tune into “the flow.”  My internal gauge automatically shifts into “chill” mode and I am able to sustain that throughout my day.

I walk out of the door expecting good things throughout my day to be given to me and I expect of myself, that I will be giving kindness and caring to others.

Yes, there are times when I get mad or nervous, but I close my eyes and come back to the sense of peace that I know is within me.

It is within all of us.

You just have to tap into it…. you just have to decide to tap into it.

Regardless of what other lessons you are to learn, this lesson is universal: trust that the universe will guide you well and will support you fully in what you focus on and want in your life.

If you focus on lack, the universe will arrange for more lack to appear in your life.

If you focus on joy, staying positive in thought, word, and deed, then joy will spring forth in more ways that you ever imagined.

Life is much easier when you let go of being scared of what you don’t have, what you wish you had and what you don’t want.  None of that enriches your life or makes it happier.

Letting go of the need to hold on is the key to an easy, light, and harmonious life.

It takes a hell of a lot of practice.  I know.

But it is possible and it will change your life for the better.

Every day, write down what you are grateful for.  I have a gratitude journal, where I write in the morning and just before I go to sleep.  It sets the tone for my day and for my dreaming.

You can’t be grateful and feel fear, worry or anger.  It’s a wonderful antidote for those harsh emotions.

Give yourself a litmus test about going with the flow: Choose one day that you will just follow your instincts, hunches, and urges.  Even if the hunch is to take a left instead of a right while you are driving, or to stop at a store before you head home from work, or to call someone who just popped into your mind.

Just do it.  NO thinking.  Just doing.

And see what happens.

Notice how less stressed you are and what you discover in the process.

Happy flowing.

In love and light,

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