Would you want to know?


What if there was just one thing that could help you start to change your life; would you want to know about it?

What if I told you that the very thing you think isn’t here to help you change your life, IS?

Would you want to find out what it is and how to use it in your life?

Daily, I have people reach out to me to get help to change one thing or another in their lives.

They are too anxious and want to stop worrying.

They are too sad and want to be happier.

They want a new job because they are dying a little each day working at the one they have.

They have lost their “mojo” and need to get it back.

They are passive participants in life but ‘say’ they want their life to be different.

We all need a conduit; someone or something who can poke us into action or who can, through sharing wisdom, illuminate our path.

Too many people look to others to define, determine, and direct their lives.

We think, “someone must know better than I do about myself, so I will go find that person and give them the power to help change me.”

But it doesn’t work that way.

When speaking about his best-selling book, Why Good Things Happen to Bad People, Rabbi Harold Kushner was once asked, by an audience member, “given all of the horrific experiences that races and religions have had, like the holocaust, genocide, and slavery, how are we supposed to cope with such things?”

He replied, “that’s why G-d gives us people.”

And, I agree.

Anyone can find a “guru” of a subject; someone who is the ‘expert’ on what you seek.

I have sought them out myself.  And, I have always learned something.

And have always come back to myself.

I AM the root of myself.

I AM the common denominator of my life.

I AM my own expert, my own guru, my own conduit.

I AM the ultimate resource to change my life.

And, so are you!

(And, by the way, you can surely post the above statements in your bathroom and say them every day as your mantras!)

While we often give the privilege and the power to someone else to be the shape shifter of our lives and then allow them to take credit for our life change, other people are NEVER the source of our change nor can they ever take credit for changing anything outside of themselves.

WE change our own lives.

G-d just gives us people to nudge along those changes at just the right time.

They are the conduits  in our lives.

These people are here to help us along our path; we are meant to meet them. (even those people who cause us pain.)

These experiences  that we have are intended for us because we are meant to have them.

No coincidences.  No irony.

None of that.

Everything is our teacher.  Everyone is our student.

Each person we meet and each experience we have is meant for our soul’s learning.

Take advantage of those people and circumstances that present themselves to you; especially those that bring you THE MOST PAIN and DISCOMFORT.

These are the ones with the MOST LEARNING and HEALING attached to them.

They are the ‘life jackpots.”

Milk them for all that they are worth and you will find yourself inevitably changing- don’t just get stuck reacting to what happens to you.

Ask yourself, “what it is that I need to know about what is happening to me right now?”

And, based on what you allow yourself to hear, you can decide to make a change or not.

Heads up: even if you think you have decided not to do anything about your life or circumstances, you have made a choice; to do nothing.

Doing nothing, in itself, it an act.  It is not, ever, ‘nothing.’

So, back to my original questions:  what if there was one thing you could do to start to change your life, would  you want to know about it?  Would you make the change or not?

For some people, simply acknowledging that they would like to change part of their life starts their journey.

For others, taking massive action is another way that change happens.

Still, others put an intention out into the universe, believe in it with all of their might, trust that it will be delivered and then let’s the intention go; detaching from the outcome completely.

All of these kinds of people are open to receiving and to changing.

Whatever your method for making changes in your life, understand that change, in ANY part of your life, begins and ends with you.

That same kind of guy or girl that you keep dating, that same stroke of bad luck that you keep experiencing, that stuck place that you keep falling into….you know what I am talking about….

Everything has the same root in your life; YOU.

There is NO disconnect with what you experience and who you are.

Everything begins and ends with you.

Want to change your life?  Stop wishing and start doing and start paying attention to what you already know but maybe pushing aside because you don’t want to acknowledge it.

Just do something different from what you have been doing

Just ONE THING today.


And, if you can’t figure out where to start, find your conduit (yes, I DO mean ask yourself what your next step should be. It just might be to do something monotonous so that you can distract your mind enough to be open to hearing your guidance!)

You know what the definition of insanity is right?

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

It’s time to start to choose differently.  It’s time to open yourself up to the idea of change.

It is then, in the exact moment that you decide to do things differently that you get a different result.

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