The Soundtrack of Your Life

janis cohen barbie record player

It seemed that it all came together within a matter of minutes.

Like finally putting on the perfect prescription glasses that allowed me to REALLY SEE clearly for the first time in my life.

Even though clarity has evolved for me in many ways, I needed to know the real deal about certain aspects of my life.

I finally understood the tracks that were playing on soundtrack to my life and EVERYTHING makes sense now.   And all it took was this…….

I recently attended a psychic and intuitive development training with Sandi Anastasi, a 30 year expert on psychic and mediumship development, who trained the world renowned medium, John Edwards.

As I have come to expect, Spirit always connects me with the right people, at just the right time.

And, it is ALWAYS to my delight, that I meet them. (Even if I have a negative experience…. my way of conscious living affords me the opportunity to have insight into the connection; where I ask myself “what is the purpose of this connection for me right now? and I wait for the answer to come to me.)

Nonetheless, here I am at the training and I meet ALL the right people; gifted psychics, mediums and healers from around the country.

These gatherings are my stomping grounds; the ‘places’ where I can exhale around those who “get me” and ‘get’ how I do what I do for a living with my psychic gifts and healing capacities.

I connect with a young lady, Candice Rasa, who says she reads Akashic records.

I had heard of this before but really didn’t know what it was all about.

We agreed to trade “gifts” with each other; she would help me access my Akashic records and I would give her a psychic reading.

Quoting Candice, “Akashic record reading is a frequency of energy that holds the record of all of your current and past life lessons, patterns, challenges, joys, etc. This includes records of roles and people as well as gifts and talents, fears, and unresolved karma. It is your divine right to enter your own records and seek information in order to facilitate healing in this life. The records are available to anyone, and a person’s religious or spiritual beliefs do not affect the accessibility.”

Information is channeled through Candice and is written down on her note pad as she receives it. She then shares what the guides, angels, and spirits need us to know in the most understandable way.

I was BLOWN AWAY!!!!

Finally, I had an “in” with the big guys where I could ask ANYTHING and get the truth.

I found out the history about my healing gifts and how my life has been influenced in past lives.

I understood the blocks in certain aspects of my life (c’mon, we all have them!) and how to, ONCE AND FOR ALL, remove them.

And, I learned of one of the most important soul lessons for me in this lifetime: to learn how to slow down and  to open my heart to receive all of the answers to the prayers that I put out into the universe. Stop pushing and go with the flow and  just receive.

(And, I thought I was already doing that! Turns out that I keep putting stuff out into the universe but am not allowing myself to chill out and receive it!  Go figure!)

Now, this might not sound mind blowing to you.

And, that’s just fine with me.

BUT, the reading cleared up a HUGE amount of grey space for me and confirmed much of what I knew about myself but couldn’t make sense of.

I left the reading feeling happier, more sane :), and excited that I had real steps to take to create that space of allowing that will radically change my life.

I have had psychic readings from the best of the best and NEVER have I received such valuable information than from THIS ONE READING.

Do you want to know about your life?  Do you want to finally have clarity about why you have the people in your life that you do?

Do you want to know why you have or haven’t had certain things happen to you?

Do you want to understand what’s behind the life you live and how you can make the most of the rest of your life?

You MAY THINK you know, but let me tell you honey, you don’t know the whole story until you have experienced this~!

It’s pain-free, stress – free, and makes you feel like you just got the BEST massage EVER!!!!!

Find out what tunes are playing on your record player now….

And after this reading,  notice how your soundtrack changes.


To get your AWESOME AKASHIC RECORDS reading contact:

Candice Rasa  or call her at 954-610-7961

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