The One Thing You Need to Be Successful

janis cohen 17

I think one of the biggest reasons why people are ineffective or unsuccessful is that they never clearly declare what they want.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But ask yourself:

“Do I really know what is most important to me?” 

If you don’t have this in mind, then you will never have the chance to claim that “thing” that you believe will make your life beautiful.

So, how would you answer this question:

What do I really want in life?

Here is an exercise that I do with many of my clients to help them get clear about what they want.

It’s called The Raisin Bran Sun excercise.

No, we are NOT going to talk about cereal or raisins.

What we ARE going to talk about are the few steps it takes to successfully connect to what you really want, using this invaluable visualization.

The Raisin Bran Sun excercise

Step 1:
Visualize the golden raisin bran sun  (see the photo above)- gotta love that smile!
See it about 12 inches from your forehead, between the top of your head and your forehead.

Step 2:
As you see this golden sun, smiling beautifully as it looks down on you, ask yourself, “What is it that I want to feel the most?”

(Feel free to include more than one thing, but make these items rank in the top 3 of your wish list.)

Remember, these are the things you absolutely want in your life.

Step 3:
See yourself placing these desires inside the sun’s image.  Use can use any font, any size and place them in any position you like in your sun.

Step 4:
Take a moment to imagine yourself feeling exaclty the way it would make you feel knowing that these things already in existence.

How beautiful does THAT feel?

Step 5:
You can’t just imagine that you have what you want.  You MUST align every thought, feeling, and action with the very things that you have in your sun.


If you want Joy in your life, then you MUST reinforce what you want with thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that support JOY.

If you want financial success, then you MUST reinforce what you want with thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that support FINANCIAL SUCCESS.

If you want love, then,  you MUST reinforce what you want with thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that support HAVING LOVE IN YOUR LIFE.

If what you want isn’t going to fulfill your deepest needs, then it’s a waste of time to work for it.

“Why is this important to me and what will my life be like once I have it?”

If you can answer this, then you are well on your way to true success in your life.

The “how” will just happen.

If you ask any successful person what THE ONE THING is that made them successful, they will all say the same thing; they were clear about their goals and they would let nothing stand in their way of achieving them.

Everyone is capable of having what they want.

And, so can you.

Committing to your goals, in every way, is the ONLY WAY you will have what you want.

So, look up and sing with me….you know that song….

“Here comes the sun, doot n doot n doot”

“Here comes the sun, and I say, It’s all right.”










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