“Ok, now what?” How a 16 year old girl changed her life in minutes.

janis cohen 28

Like a deer in headlights.  That’s what she looked like.

Eyes open wide and completely unsure of what to expect.

She had never done this before and it showed.

And, when asked if she had, she answered with only a head shake from side to side, eyes locked on mine.

The timer was set.

Pressing start, we began.

Her mother sat to the left of my small round table and, the teenaged girl, a 16 year old, sat directly in front of me.

They both seemed like they were on the edge of their seats, so I knew there was something important to unearth.

As usual, I just didn’t know what it was.

She picked 3 cards.

That’s what I ask all of my clients to do when they come for readings.

“Don’t think; just pick 3 cards“, I said.

And, as it typically happens, I begin to see words, images and people connected to her before she laid the first card down on the coral scarf that covered the table.

As with all clients that I read, I tell them that everything that comes through me, during this time, is meant for them to hear and that I am moving out of the way to let the messages come through from  Spirit.


The first word I saw was  to her left.

I simply said, “Tell me about the bullying.”

She dropped her head and wept.  So did her mother.

This is why they were here.  To get help with this.

Next, I am shown the words:  2 females and a male.

” I see two females and one male connected to you around this.”

Her jaw dropped and she sobbed even more.

“You are alone a lot and that isn’t good for you.  You need to get out more. Out of your room and make some new friends. You are sad a lot.  Tell me about that.”

“I know,” she said. “I am home schooled because things got so bad at my high school.”

She began to explain what had been going on.

Turns out that she had been severely bullied by these two females and was friendly with the male that I mentioned.  He was, in fact, one of her best friends with whom her father didn’t want her to spend time.

She couldn’t go to that school anymore. The bullying became unbearable, especially because of the social media frenzy that ensued.

Much more came through and, as I spoke, she and her mother confirmed the details that continued our conversation.

Many young females are referred to me for readings and for therapy to learn ways to cope with being an adolescent female; dating, bullying, friendships, and life decisions.

I work well with them, I must say.

Somehow, I have been blessed to connect with even the toughest young ladies.

This young lady was guided to me to help her use her pain to reclaim her life.

She was giving it away minute by minute; her personal power, that is.

She was cowering behind her rough exterior; her acclimated accent and jagged demeanor.  She was a tough girl.  But this was just her facade.  She was scared and angry and didn’t know what to do with those feelings except to feel them and become immobilized because of them.

I was guided to explain the three phases of an experience and how it is most important for her to move out of the space she was in and ask a different question; one that supported her growth rather than her victimization.  I said this one simple question: “OK, now what?”

Tough love was called for and I was guided to be very direct with her.  I was guided to tell her that she must use this pain as a teacher; that she has a story to tell to other young girls about how she overcame and thrived from being bullied.

Lastly, I was guided to share my story of being severely bullied in the seventh grade.  I was guided to share every single detail of that time; emphasizing how I KNEW what it was like to feel socially ostracized and that I KNEW exactly what it was like to vindicate myself from those haunting memories.

I told her that I pointedly understood  what it was like to carry the resulting pain, shame and anger around for decades, before I unloaded it.

I also told her that she was sent to me to spare her the years of suffering that I went through.

Spirit was giving her a chance to change her life and it was through me that this change would be stimulated.

Right here. Right now.

By the end of the reading, this young lady, who came in broken and in pain, left, remarkably, put back together.

She accepted the charge to use this experience to improve her life and to teach others about resiliency.

She  has, as we all do, a higher calling and an incredible ability to use life to her advantage.

Maybe her life purpose is that she will help others girls who struggle with being bullied.

Maybe not.

But, at least she has a shot to make her mark on the world- instead of  feeling as though the world is making it’s mark on her.

And, all it took was 40 minutes.

Not so bad for a massive shift, huh?

It really was amazing.

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