Things Are Temporary

janis cohen message

A beautiful thirty year old woman came in for a reading.

She wanted to know about what most want to know when they come in for a reading:love, money, and work.

Typically, those who come in to see me for a reading or a therapy session are there not only to get messages for themselves, but also to deliver messages to me.

This reading was no different.

This woman was struggling to identify the next steps in her career, having become quite unhappy with her job.

She wanted to start something new but was hesitant; she doubted that she could offer something of value to others in a satiated market of blogs, magazines, and social media.

As a supplement to my readings, I pulled the Tarot cards out for her to use.

Life Experience” was a main focus of the reading.

When I was guided to ask her to think about what her unique message is for others, given that she has much to pull from her life so far, she simply said, “Emotions are temporary and things change. The  emotions that people have about the things that happen in life are temporary.”


I smiled when I heard this because, of course, this was a message for me too!

You see, I KNOW this most of the time.

But, when times get tough, and I get caught up feeling intensely about something that happened, I lose sight of that; temporarily.

You would think that, as a therapist, I have a handle on all of this all of the time.

After all, I TEACH people about the power of ‘temporariness’ and how to change their lives in the moment a decision is made, right?

Recently, having gone through a very tough personal experience I was stuck in ‘emotional overload’.

So much to process and work through and so much to learn.

What I knew, though, deep down, was that whatever I was going through, however intense and painful it was, that ‘this too shall pass.’

Time really does lessen pain.

Each day gets better and I am realizing more and more about myself.

I am grateful that I have the capacity to know that no matter what happens to me, it is for my highest good.

I am gleaming the lessons from this experience.

And, to support my decision to move forward, I have been bombarded with images on social media and through friends, letting me know that, not only, did I make the right choice but also, that I will overcome whatever it is that I feel now and shine as I move on.

In life, we get messages and reminders of what truly matters, what we need to pay attention to and learn from and what we, ultimately, must learn to move forward.

The bottom line of it all is this: If you pay attention you will get every clue, every next step, and every gain from what you go through.

And, let’s not forget a most important message: “Things in life are temporary. Emotions are temporary. Life changes from moment to moment.”

My hope is that, as you move through your day and your life, you, too, will take what happens to you in stride and find the purpose in the hand that you are dealt.

Experience the joy, the grief, the pain, the confusion and learn from it.

Welcome all of this because it is here to serve you.

We have all heard the saying that we aren’t given any more than we can handle.

While I really do agree with this, it doesn’t mean that life will be easy.

Not at all.

It can be pretty damn difficult, trying, and painful.

I am positive that what we experience isn’t meant for long-term suffering.

It is meant for growth.

Step by step, day by day, and minute by minute.

In love and light,

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