Getting Back on Track

If you have ever felt that you have lost your mojo, your inspiration and direction, fear not.
Help is on the way.

When you are caught up your awareness that you aren’t feeling what you want to feel and don’t have what you want to have, it can feel as if you are falling down a black hole.

You somehow believe that you don’t know which steps to take to move forward.

You desperately want answers and to find someone who can tell you what to do and how to do it.
                    You want certainty and safety.

The challenge in looking to others for guidance, is that we overlook how we participate in our own lives and the power we have to create our lives in the ways that we truly desire.

Anytime you feel unclear, lost, and discouraged, notice what you are focusing on.

Are you focusing on feelings of lack? Do you feel needy, desperate, worried or angry?

If so, then I suggest you pay attention to those feelings. They have messages for you…

They are pushing away exactly what you want.

How can you have what you want if your energy is invested in pushing it all away?

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. Feeling negatively? Then you’ll soon notice that experiences and people in your life reflect that.

It is up to you to heed the warnings and the guidance that your feelings and thoughts bring you.

It is not enough to say empty words or phrases of affirmation, in hopes that your life will change.

Changing your life involves two things: your genuine investment and the Universe’s partnership with you in that investment.

Want to change your life? Then change your emotions and your focus.

Honor those feelings that are pulling you away from your desired direction.

To release the negativity, follow this process:
Step 1. Write down the top 2 or 3 things that you can’t stand about your life.

Step 2. Say, out loud, what those things are and why they are your “can’t stands”. Identify the ways that having those feelings are costing you and what they will continue to cost you if you continue to choose to feel these feelings.

Step 3. Take a deep breath in and exhale that energy out. (Repeat 2 or 3 times if necessary.)

Step 4. Write a list of the top 2 or 3 “things I really want to create”.

Step 5. Say to yourself,”If I could just not look at how all of this has happened and look at all of the things that I really want to create in life, like x, y, and z, I will feel a, b and c.

Step 6. Then focus on those things that you want only. Align with the feelings that having all of these things brings and then breathe in deeply and exhale deeply.

Step 7. Close by saying, “And, so it is.”

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