Betrayed? 7 Things You Need to Know to Heal

janis cohen betrayal

“Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.”
~ Arthur Miller

You are in a relationship or are dating someone and feel confident (or mostly confident) that all is well.

Sure, you encounter challenges, but every relationship has them, right?

One day, you find something out that you can’t ‘un-know’.

You feel like you have just been sucker punched in the gut and your body shakes in confirmation.  You’ve been betrayed.

Your world has shifted in an unexpected direction.

What do you do now?

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Why Blaming Others Keeps You Stuck

Blame is one of the surest ways to stay in a problem.  In blaming another, you give away your power.

When you solely focus on what someone else has done, you rob yourself of precious time that can be experienced in freedom from pain, anger, and betrayal.

You can not change the past.  The past is done.  You can let it go now. Continue reading

Release Your Pain. Reclaim Your Life.

Liberating yourself from pain is essential.  Carrying around your pain, is not.

Unfortunately, too many of us hold onto anger, pain, resentment, grief/loss, and betrayal as a protective measure against future pain.   You get used to holding onto emotions that served you in the past, but don’t necessarily serve you now.  You might continue to stay on “high alert” but are not in imminent danger.  You just can’t relax.

No one wants to experience pain.  But pain is a part of life.  It can spur emotional, psychological and spiritual growth, movement upward, into an unimagined direction in your life and establish a new and renewed awareness of your strengths and successes.  Pain is a reflection of what we must pay attention to.  Even when it comes to feeling grief over the loss of someone whom you loved dearly;  a lesson in  the death of someone else, is to love and cherish your own life as you live it.

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