The Soundtrack of Your Life

janis cohen barbie record player

It seemed that it all came together within a matter of minutes.

Like finally putting on the perfect prescription glasses that allowed me to REALLY SEE clearly for the first time in my life.

Even though clarity has evolved for me in many ways, I needed to know the real deal about certain aspects of my life.

I finally understood the tracks that were playing on soundtrack to my life and EVERYTHING makes sense now.   And all it took was this…….
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The Lesson

It’s part of life, this lesson learning thing we have to do to grow. The way we learn isn’t always wrapped up in a beautiful bow, but it sure does come wrapped up, doesn’t it?  Almost disguised, it seems.

Everyone has their own soul lessons to learn.

For some, it is to learn to have love and compassion for yourself and others, because you have been too harsh.  For others it is to learn humility because you have been arrogant, boastful or indignant. Continue reading

The Payoff of Forgiveness:Filling Up Your Emotional Bank Account

Everything in our lives- every thought we have, every action we take-requires some energy.  How much energy are you putting into holding onto the pain, anger and shame in your life?

Consider energy as a financial allowance equal to one hundred dollars a day.  Your task is to learn how to invest this money wisely, because your investments will either earn you interest or put you in debt. Continue reading