The Lesson

It’s part of life, this lesson learning thing we have to do to grow. The way we learn isn’t always wrapped up in a beautiful bow, but it sure does come wrapped up, doesn’t it?  Almost disguised, it seems.

Everyone has their own soul lessons to learn.

For some, it is to learn to have love and compassion for yourself and others, because you have been too harsh.  For others it is to learn humility because you have been arrogant, boastful or indignant. Continue reading

Weighed or Counted?

Rumi, a 13thcentury Persian poet, is just but one voice in the mystical tradition of
writing Sufi poetry.  Sufi’s are lovers of the truth. Through love and devotion they seek to become one with their

Rumi wrote, “God, long ago, drew a circle in the sand; exactly around the spot where you are standing right now.”  Meaning, that you were always coming here, to this exact spot in time and you must know,
that whatever is happening in this moment, was always going to happen.  In this spot of life, in this circle of sand where you are right now, what is happening and for what purpose? Continue reading