My Giving is Just as Good as Your Giving.

gift in hand

Comparing ourselves to others is natural.  We can’t help it.

We notice how other people look, what they drive, how much money they have, their social status, academic accomplishments, and degree of public notoriety (among many other things) and compare ourselves to them; noticing what we have or lack.

We, then, come to one of these assumptions:
1. I am, have, do enough and therefore I am happy.
2. I am mediocre, need to do more, and therefore I feel ok about me/my life.
3. I am not enough and therefore I am unhappy. Continue reading

Table of Contents

Everyone has a story; a story that matters.

Only a handful of people in your life know your story.  And, even  a smaller number of people than that, know the details that have truly defined you.

For some of you, the most tenuous and tumultuous details of your story are sacredly held by you and God, because they are too painful to share, or so you think.

I call these details of your story, your table of contents. Continue reading